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The process of environmental certification of terminals

Bolloré Ports is integrating ESG issues into its development strategy. From the direct impact of its activities to the indirect impact linked to the execution of its services, the company is innovating to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve biodiversity. This is demonstrated by the implementation of the "Green Terminal" certification program for its port terminals, audited by Bureau Veritas.

Our ambition

Philippe Labonne, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bolloré Transport & Logistics & CEO of Bolloré Ports

The involvement of private sector companies is crucial in responding to common issues. Bolloré Ports, which operates port concessions on three continents, took the expectations of its ecosystem into account at a very early stage in order to act responsibly throughout its value chain.

Our commitment

We have undertaken to equip our terminals with an entirely new certification process: "Green Terminal". We are pioneering this new certification, which is based on simple fundamentals in line with the Bollore Ports CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy to further reduce our carbon footprint.

The Bolloré Ports container terminals involved in the process will be audited every year by Bureau Veritas in order to receive a certificate of compliance.


Eight fundamental pillars

The Green Terminal label is based on eight fundamental pillars. We have defined very precise requirements that cover all current environmental concerns and the actions to be taken to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.



The Green Terminal certification is applicable to all new terminals and those that have undergone modernisation or extension. The methodology will be applied to all container terminals and scoring will give 4 certification levels (50% no star, one star from 65%, two stars from 80% and three stars from 90% and above). Terminals that do not obtain a minimum of 50% will not be able to be certified Green Terminal.