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A latest generation container gantry crane for the port of Douala

Cameroon. 02 June 2017

Douala International Terminal (DIT), a Bolloré Ports concession, is now equipped with a third container gantry crane. This latest-generation equipment is efficient and meets environmental protection standards. It was inaugurated on May 3rd 2017 by the Minister of Transport, Mr Edgard Alain MEBE NGO'O, and will contribute strengthening the competitiveness of the Port of Douala.

This container gantry crane, larger in height and wider than the previous two, is able to handle  two 20-foot containers at a time. It significantly increases the processing rate of containers.
Designed by the world's leading gantry manufacturer ZPMC, it is provided with a modern technology and innovative control systems. This container gantry crane meets the requirements of ship-owners regarding the quality of service, speed and operations security.

This new high-performance equipment allows faster and easier container manipulation. It is able to access to containers further in ships and lifts up to 45 tons (against 40 tons for other gantry cranes). "It offers comfort and an ergonomic working environment for drivers. It complies with the most stringent environmental protection standards: low CO2 emissions and 30% less energy consumption than the existing equipment" notices Mr. Hamadou Sali, PCA of DIT.

This container gantry crane is a major asset for the port of Douala. This new equipment contributes to the development and modernization strategy carried out by Bolloré Ports on the container terminal.