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A major ambition for Chef de Baie in La Rochelle

Puteaux. 03 September 2018

On June 29, Bolloré Ports La Rochelle signed a terminal agreement to operate the future Chef de Baie 4 terminal with the Atlantic Port La Rochelle. A long-term project to build a major port platform on the Atlantic coast.

Bolloré Ports is already in charge of handling positions 1 to 3 at Chef de Baie and operating this new terminal will enable Bolloré Ports to improve and consolidate its activities in the port of La Rochelle.

Following on from the major investments made to develop grain exports, the aim is to create a multi-modal hub (road, rail and sea) at the Chef de Baie terminal dedicated to distributing paper pulp and increasing container, conventional and heavy parcel traffic.

The signing of this terminal agreement, for a 35-year operating period, reinforces the collaboration between Bolloré Ports and the Atlantic Port La Rochelle.

Together, they will define the technical specifications of the dock and the platform and then launch the tender for the work.

The Chef de Baie terminal is continuing to develop after commissioning the new Soufflet Group Socomac grain silo in June. Located quayside, this grain silo, with an additional storage capacity of 63,000 tons, is connected to Bolloré Ports La Rochelle’s loading gantry and is at the cutting edge technically in terms of loading rate and dust management, in order to meet environmental requirements.

By late September, the sandpit activity of Cetramaris (merger of Cetra Granulats and Sablimaris) will be relocated to the Anse Saint-Marc site and will be fully operational.

These developments represent €70 million in investments for Bolloré Ports and the Atlantic Port La Rochelle. They will allow for a significant increase in activity and traffic, which is estimated at one million tons in 15 years after the commissioning of the Chef de Baie Terminal scheduled for 2022.

The Bolloré Group supports the development strategy of La Rochelle’s main port and is aware of its potential to reclaim its market shares of French ports”, declares Philippe Labonne, CEO of Bolloré Ports.

About Bolloré Ports

Bolloré Ports is the leader in specialised handling in France. The expertise of the teams and the means deployed make it possible to process 350,000 containers per year and 6 million tons of bulk and conventional goods across its 15 ports.

Bolloré Ports is a division of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, one of the top 10 global groups in its sector. As an operator of 21 port concessions worldwide, Bolloré Ports is the leading port infrastructure operator in Africa and invests 300 million euros on the continent each year to participate in the logistical transformation of the countries in which it operates.


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