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Benin Terminal broke a productivity record

Bénin. 02 March 2017

With a productivity of 103.71 movements per hour, Benin Terminal broke a record on March 2nd 2017. 1,370 containers were moved within 14 hours. This great performance was achieved thanks to the professionalism of the teams and the quality of our equipment.

The handling operation on the container ship MSC Lorena lasted only 14 hours. Docked on March 2nd  2017 at the southern quay of Benin Terminal, operations began at 10:57 and finished at 00:57. 1,370 containers were moved. "We are proud to have reached this level of productivity in the port of Cotonou. Shipowners must reduce their stopover times. This improves operating costs. Shorter is the stopover, the better the profitability is. It also benefits the economy of the country. " said Philippe Alexandre, General Manager of Benin Terminal.

Since November 2009, a vast investment plan has been put in place to improve the performance of Benin Terminal, concession of Bolloré Ports. Today, four Ship to Shore gantries, ten RTG on the container yard, thirty-six harbor tractors as well as power elevators, enable Benin Terminal’s team to offer a very high quality of service.

The strong performance achieved by Benin Terminal opens up good prospects for the port of Cotonou, as well as for the region and the sub region it serves.