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Bolloré Transport & Logistics acquires some of the business activities and assets of the Necotrans Group

Puteaux. 28 August 2017

The Commercial Court of Paris approves an offer by Bolloré Transport & Logistics to take over some of Necotrans' business.

This takeover plan will enable Bolloré Transport & Logistics to strengthen and develop its transport and logistics positions in France and Africa, and also to develop private-public port operation partnerships. All the acquired activities correspond to two high-priority objectives: facilitate access to the African continent for all Bolloré Transport & Logistics customers in France and worldwide, and consolidate and diversify the company's port operation activities on Africa's Atlantic coast.

A commitment to preserve jobs

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is committed to preserving as many jobs as possible during this acquisition. Moreover, the project has won the support of Necotrans personnel representative bodies.

In France, 71 employment contracts will be maintained unchanged and it is expected that about 30 other jobs could be saved - with the same seniority and wage levels - thanks to existing openings within Bolloré Transport & Logistics.
In Africa, at least 260 jobs will be preserved in six African countries where the Group already operates: Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin and Congo.

All Necotrans entities and employees involved in the Bolloré Transport & Logistics takeover will benefit from Bolloré's solid financial support. For 195 years, the Group's development policy has always been based on strong entrepreneurial values, a stable shareholder base and long term investment. Over 300 million euros are invested annually in modernizing and diversifying services and in developing high-tech logistics solutions.

This takeover by Bolloré is a guarantee for all Necotrans customers who will in future enjoy all the advantages of Bolloré Transport & Logistics human and technical expertise around the world, notably in freight purchasing, supply chain management and commercial representation.

The partial takeover approved by the Commercial Court of Paris is part of larger joint offer that aims to secure a very large part of Necotrans Group's business and assets, in consortium with 3 international groups with a proven track record in transport and logistics.