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The Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire establishes a new record for container handling

Congo. 07 October 2015

Congo Terminal, the operator of the container terminal of Pointe-Noire, an affiliate of Bolloré Ports, has achieved a record productivity level in container handling, reaching an average of 75 movements per hour.

At the start of the concession in 2009, the terminal's productivity was between 20 to 25 movements/hour. The exceptional performances are the fruit of numerous factors and the investments made for many years by the Bolloré Ports. Vessels now stop over for less than 24 hours, thanks to the four dockside gantries equipped with the state of the art technologies.

The Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire is continuing the modernization of its facilities and equipment. It is awaiting the arrival of an additional mobile crane on October 12th, and the delivery, at the end of the year, of 12 rubber-tired gantries (RTGs), an investment of over €21.5 million.

These new acquisitions are going to facilitate an increase in the terminal's productivity and the quality of service rendered to importing clients and to ship-owners, in order to make the Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire "the principal port of entry into the Congo basin" and the leading transshipment platform in Central Africa.