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Congo Terminal accelerates its development to achieve operational excellence

Puteaux. 19 July 2018

Congo Terminal recently signed a licensing deal to implement Navis’ flagship N4 operating system. Following Dakshin Bharat Bridge Terminal (DBGT) in India, Congo Terminal is the second site operated by Bolloré Ports to choose the N4 system. Its implementation will improve the terminal port capacity while reducing operating costs. By increasing its operational efficiency, Congo Terminal aims to increase national traffic and develop transit to the sub-region.

Bolloré Ports which operates Congo Terminal since 2009 has invested more than 360 million euros to date to equip the terminal with the latest generation infrastructures. Designed to become the first transshipment platform in Central Africa, Congo Terminal currently operates 600,000 TEUs per year and has doubled the annual throughput being handled since its launch.


Stanislas de Saint-Louvent, Deputy CEO of Bolloré Ports

In order to stay competitive, we need to improve the performance of our current systems. The integration of the Navis N4 system will enable us to increase the productivity of the terminal but also to prepare us for the transition to increased automation.

Thanks to its investments, Congo Terminal has cut the average dwell times for import and transshipment containers in half and has also reduced the average vessel port stays from three days to 24 hours or less.