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Congo Terminal is proud to employ Female gantry crane operators

Congo. 10 March 2017

Following a call for applications launched in November 2015, 70 gantry crane operators (RTGs) were recruited in the first half of 2016. Nine of them became the first female RTG operators in the Congo.

They are graduated, smart, meticulous and immediately demonstrated remarkable professionalism. At an altitude of 50 meters high, the 9 operators of portals of Congo Terminal are the heart of the port activity. At the controls of these 1200 tons handling machines, they handle an ever-increasing number of containers.

In November 2016, 7 of these 9 operators who already had experience on RTG, were qualified to undertake training of operators of STS - Ship to shore gantries. Thanks to the support of the training center of Bolloré Ports in Abidjan and in partnership with the GMP company of Le Havre, they received an initial training of two weeks on a simulator in France. Their apprenticeship was then completed and finalized on site and in operation at the port of Pointe Noire. 

The employees are trained on state-of-the-art equipment, with the latest technologies. It demands a high level of technicality to be able to operate them. 

By having its staff trained in France, Congo Terminal clearly shows its objectives of development and modernization. Just as Bolloré Ports' investments to reconstruct and extend the wharf, while purchasing 6 STS and 16 RTG. Thanks to these investments, Port of Pointe-Noire has become in 8 years, a reference in Central Africa with nearly 600,000 TEU handled per year.

 It has been a long and fruitful adventure which started with the beginning of Congo Terminal, which has always had a recruitment policy open to the diversification and  feminisation of the technical professions.