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Freetown Terminal:

Official signing of the amendment to the Freetown container terminal concession agreement

Freetown. 16 September 2015

Under the high patronage of His Excellency, the President of the Republic, the Honorable Ernest Bai Koroma, the signing of the amendment to the concession agreement binding Bolloré Ports to the port authorities of Sierra Leone took place on Wednesday September 16th. The signing follows the presentation made last May to the head of the State of Sierra Leone on the project for the extension of the Freetown container terminal port.

Bolloré Ports will, in effect, increase the size of the Freetown Terminal, with a new deep-water 270m wharf (-13m), accompanied by 3.5 hectares of new storage space, which will increase the total capacity of the container terminal to 750,000 TEUs. In particular, new modern equipment - two dockside gantries and three additional Rubber-Tired Gantries - will be installed in the Freetown Terminal. The objective: to double the productivity of the container terminal within the next four years. The new wharf will be operational within three years from the completion of the work, and will be equipped with modern handling equipment. 

All of these investments, infrastructure and equipments, totaling some $120 million, will be entirely financed by the Bolloré Group

After six month of engineering and design study, Bolloré Ports will expand the capacity of Freetown Terminal by building up a new 270 m quay with a draught of 13m, backed by 3.5 hectares of storage yard, taking the total capacity of the container terminal to 750,000 TEUs. Brand new state-of-the-art equipment, including two ship-to-shore gantries and four gantry cranes will be set up at Freetown Terminal, with the goal of doubling productivity at the container terminal within four years. The new quay will be operational within three years with modern equipment. 


The whole of the investment, including infrastructure and equipment, amounting to $120 million, will be funded by Bolloré Group. 

Philippe Labonne, Deputy CEO of Bolloré Transport & Logistics and CEO of Bolloré Ports

This is a great opportunity for us and our partners in Sierra Leone to develop the Freetown port, to make it a port of entry into Sierra Leone and its hinterland.

Philippe Labonne

CEO of Bolloré Ports

This is a great opportunity for the Bolloré Group and our Sierra Leoneans partners to develop the Port of Freetown into the gateway to Sierra Leone and its hinterland, and a transhipment port.

This project will facilitate the direct creation of 500 jobs, not including hundreds of indirect jobs, as well as a significant transfer of skills to Sierra Leonean employees. 

Bolloré Ports, which has been managing the container terminal through Freetown Terminal since 2010, has already invested $37 million into the rehabilitation of the yards and the purchase of equipment in order to modernize the terminal. Such modernization work has led to a significant increase in traffic of approximately 30% over four years. The Freetown port container terminal now meets standards of quality, security, and safety which conform to international standards, as evidenced by the obtaining of ISPS Certification. 

This project demonstrates yet again the confidence that Bolloré Transport & Logistics places in Sierra Leone, which hopes to thus pursue its investments in the country in order to accelerate its development. While the company is anticipating the end of the Ebola epidemic, Freetown Terminal has been able to support the Port Authority by putting specific hygienic measures into place, holding weekly information and awareness meetings, in order to explain the prevention measures put into place and by contributing material aid in the form of gifts to the populations impacted by the epidemic. Throughout this difficult period, Freetown port's operations, vital for the economy and for jobs in the country, have been maintained.

The project will enable the creation of 500 jobs, as well as generating indirect employment for hundreds of people. The Bolloré Group will also build capacity through high level skills transfer.


Bolloré Transport & Logistics, which has been managing the container terminal via the Freetown Terminal organisation since 2011, has already invested $37 million in yard rehabilitation and in the purchase of equipment to modernise the facility. This modernisation work has enabled a significant traffic increase of around 30% in the last four years. Today, the Freetown container terminal meets international quality, safety and security standards, and has been acknowledged by ISPS certification.


The project yet again demonstrates Bolloré Group’s confidence in Sierra Leone, a nation that is continuing to speed up its development through investment. As the country’s Ebola epidemic comes to an end, Freetown Terminal has been able to support the port authority by introducing special hygiene procedures, organising weekly meetings to inform the local population and generate awareness, explain the preventive measures that have been implemented, and bring material aid in the form of donations to the impacted populations. Throughout this difficult period, activity at the port of Freetown, vital for the economy and employment in the country has been maintained.