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Mombasa Container Terminal CFS begins export handling services

Kenya. 05 November 2019

Mombasa Container Terminal (MCT) has been licensed to handle export cargo as part of its Container Freight Station (CFS) services. This service is a first in the industry and primarily targets regional exporters. It is developed to address the current challenge of shut outs where containers are left out of assigned shipping vessels. This can be a result of the short acceptance time for vessels to be loaded, or due to procedural delays in the export process.

As the first licensed operator for export handling services in Kenya, MCT has already handled several transit export consignments successfully, the latest being a shipment of leather from Uganda.

Using its existing facilities, MCT provides short term storage of export shipments from different sources to allow for consolidation. These shipments undergo customs and other regulatory procedures through the One-Stop Documentation Centre at MCT. The shipments are then grouped and transferred as a convoy to the Port just in time for vessel loading and this facilitates efficient use of Port facilities and equipment. 

Over 141,000 TEUs were exported through the port of Mombasa in 2018, with 77% originating from Kenya and 23% from the rest of the region.

Julius Kinyua, General Manager for MCT

A good supply chain requires a high level of certainty in time and cost. After engaging a wide pool of exporters and shipping lines in the region, we realized that there is an opportunity for us to help streamline the export process and contribute to savings for all parties involved. This service is not only beneficial to the export customer and shipping line, but also creates efficiency for the port and customs process by grouping shipments together.

About MCT

Mombasa Container Terminal (MCT) is a licensed inland container freight station located at Port Reitz, 1.5km from the port of Mombasa. MCT, which has been operational since 2002, was originally established in an effort to support the government’s initiative to decongest the port of Mombasa. With over 33,000 sq. m in yard space, a dedicated customs verification area and bonded warehouse space, the facility is equipped to handle containerized and non-containerized cargo, including motor vehicles, high and heavy RoRo Machinery and loose cargo.

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