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Congo Terminal combats marine pollution in Congo

Congo. 20 June 2018

On the world ocean day whose central theme this year was “action for clean oceans", M. Laurent PALAYER, Congo Terminal general manager, and forty employees participated in a large-scale plastic waste collection and remediation of 3 kilometers of beach on June 8th.

The operation began in the morning, near the access road to the terminal and finished 4 hours later on Congo Terminal sand trap, which is a natural receptacle for many detritus floating on the surface of the sea then rejected on our coasts.

Accompanied by "La Bouée Couronne", an NGO specialized in cleaning up the marine environment, Congo Terminal teams completed more than 100 garbage bags with waste plastics (bottles, bags, boxes and other used articles), representing about 3 tonnes of waste.

This first edition was aimed to make everyone aware of the seriousness and the extent of this pollution. To know the urgency of changing our behavior by adopting a more responsible and respectful attitude towards the preservation of environment both for ourselves and for future generations.

Congo Terminal invested in 2015 the construction of central processing unit drinking water and installation of 5 chilled water fountains to allow its operatives to be able to have drinking water in the terminal. This allowed us to save a million plastic water bottles those 3 last years.