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About Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is the fruit of the coming together of four historic businesses of the Bolloré Group. Bolloré Ports, Bolloré Railways, Bolloré Energy and Bolloré Logistics are four lines of business and know-how, working together today in concert in order to meet the needs of its worldwide clientele. Through a transport commission, petroleum logistics, construction and exploitation of port terminals and railways, Bolloré Transport & Logistics makes all of its expertise available to its clients.

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Bolloré Transport & Logistics overview

Our values


Our group is a family group, which makes it possible for us to make long-term decisions, to dare to go where others do not venture, and to continually be enterprising. It is our determination which makes it possible for us to make bold bets and to pursue our development, with strong local decisions and significant reactivity.

Long-term commitment

Our clients are our priority, and we are constantly adapting in order to satisfy their requirements on a daily basis, but also over the long term. We make it a point of honor to offer them a service of excellence, modern infrastructures, and complete solutions, in all the countries where we are present.


Attentive to the developments in our society, we anticipate changes, in order to transform them into opportunities. Whether it concerns the innovation of our internal processes, our businesses, our commercial offers, our partnership policy, or the anticipation of our needs... The taste for innovation is written into the DNA of Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

Staying agile

In supporting the needs of our clients, importers and exporters, we have been able to make our businesses evolve. This diversification is made possible as a result of our seriousness and our employees' ability to adapt.