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Port of Conakry

Conakry Terminal, Guinea

Conakry Terminal has carried out extension work to its wharf - a new berth 12/340m - and to the 12-hectare container terminal. These projects, together with the installation of two new gantry cranes and a 5.8 MGW power plant, put the Port of Conakry at the level of the highest international standards.

Conakry Terminal also has a project to develop an Inland container depot with a rail connection in order to streamline the movement of goods.

Bolloré Ports, which has a workforce of nearly 460 at Conakry Terminal, aims to create a competitive regional transhipment platform.

Technical specifications of Conakry terminal

  • Total current wharf length: 600 m 
  • Draught: berth 10 = between -10.5 and -13 m
  • Container yard: 20 hectares
  • Empty container yard: 2,6 hectares
  • Equipment - STS (Ship to shore gantries): 2 / MHC (Mobile harbour cranes): 2 / Reachstacker (45 MT elevator): 15
  • Terminal Operating System: Oscar
  • Full container storage capacity: nearly 8,000 TEUs
  • Theoretical annual capacity: 600,000 TEUs

Service information

  • Continuous loading and unloading: 24 h/24, 365 days per year
  • Berthing: 24/7

Focus on the convetional terminal of Conakry

  • Length of general cargo wharf: 830 m
  • Installations for port supplies, ship waste water treatment service, facilities for buying naval equipment