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Port of Dakar

Dakar Terminal, Senegal

After an international call for bids, the Autonomous Port of Dakar (PAD) awarded Bolloré the operations of the Ro-Ro terminal of the Port of Dakar. The concession contract concerns the logistics operations of "Ro-Ro" ships which are primarily used for the transport of vehicles.

Dakar Terminal has launched an extensive investment plan for bulk-handling equipment adapted to Ro-Ro vessels and for infrastructure work in order to renovate the yard. Bolloré Ports also plans to launch work to deepen the East wharf to be able to simultaneously receive two deep-draft vessels.

The terminal deals with the local market, but also with goods in transit toward the subregion.

Dakar Terminal employs over 150 permanent employees and is an integral part of the Emerging Senegal Plan, launched by the authorities, which is aimed in particular at making the Port of Dakar the leading port of the West African coast.

Technical specifications of Dakar Terminal

  • Total current wharf length: 645m
  • Travaux de réfection du Terre-Plein en cours
  • Draught: from -8.5m to -10m
  • Container yard: 8 hectares
  • Equipment: 5 ReachStackers / 12 Terbergs / Forklift 42T, 12T, 7T, 4T
  • Terminal Operating System: IPAKI
  • Container storage capacity: 2,000 TEUs et 1,850 EVL
  • Theoretical annual capacity: 72,937 TEUs / 66,140 vehicles / 77,948 tons of conventional

Service information

  • Continuous loading and unloading: 24 h/24, 365 days per year
  • Berthing: 24/7

Focus on the port of Dakar

The Port of Dakar benefits from an exceptional location on the farthest point of the West African coast, a true cross-roads for a number of maritime routes between Europe, North America, Latin America, and the African continent.

With an access channel perfectly marked with buoys and constantly dredged, the Port of Dakar is situated in a 177-hectare body of water, with depths of between -10 and -13m. It offers an extensive area to move about, making certain maneuvers possible without towing.