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Port of Libreville

Owendo Terminal, Gabon

The wharf length, the draught, and the equipment (two ship to shore gantry cranes and four container gantry cranes) bring the Owendo container terminal up to international port standards. It provides a competitive service to shipowners, importers, and exporters. Vessels reaching 6,000 TEUs are also handled in the productivity conditions required for ships of this size.

Technical specifications of Owendo Terminal

  • Total wharf length: 775 m 
  • Draught: - 11 m
  • 4 berth
  • Container yard: over 12 ha
  • Equipment: STS (Ship to shore gantries): 2 / RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantries): 4 /Reachstacker: 10 / Empty Handler: 4 / Tugs: 15 /
  • Refrigerated areas w/power supply for reefer containers: 198
  • Storage capacity: 6,600 TEUs (full import + export in the terminal); 2,500 TEUs (empty park)
  • Theoretical annual capacity: 250,000 TEUs
  • Terminal Operating System: Oscar

Informations service

  • Continuous loading and unloading: 24 h/24, 365 days per year
  • Berthing: 24/7

Inland container depot of Franceville

Bolloré Ports operates in the private port of Franceville (over 6,000 TEUs in 2015).

Focus on the port of Libreville

  • Length of general cargo wharf: 345 m
  • Installations for port supplies, ship waste water treatment service, shipyard