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Port of Rochefort

One winning card : the flexibility

Bolloré Ports Rochefort got all local port advantages with suitable equipments and storage capacity in order to handle all general and bulk cargoes.

The know-how and efficiency of the teams ensure high level service requested for attendance of coasters calling Rochefort and Tonnay- Charente.

Situated half-way Bordeaux to Nantes, Rochefort got roads and railways connections making it first local French Port.

Our equipment

  • 7 berths
  • 30,200 square meters squarehouse and storage areauai
  • 8 cranes 6 to 40 T capacity

Our activity

  • Bulk coal: Bigs bags/Scrap-iron, general cargo 480,000 T/year (200 vessels) including 360,000 T incoming cargo
  • Fertilizers in bags in bulk, saw wood, fluorine, urea, acid, clay, cattle food including 120,000 T outgoing cargo
  • Scrap-iron, grains and pellets, clay in bags or bulk, saw wood and timber, agricultural equipment. One 4,000 Square meters general cargo vessel bound to Casablanca (Marocco)


Port of Rochefort, France

Bolloré Ports ROCHEFORT
Bassin n° 3
B.P. 1010
F 17003 Rochefort Cedex
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Jean-Yves BRYON, Agency Manager
Tel.: +33 (0) 546 992 701
Mob.: +33 (0) 686 270 079
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Julien LLOBET, Sales
Tel.: +33 (0) 546 002 701
Mob.: +33 (0) 662 928 183
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